I’d like to extend to you a warm invitation to join me for the month of February in exploring one poem.

I would like to offer to host our exploration on this page of my website.  It feels to me a little like hosting a gathering.  I would like to make your visit this month as pleasant and care free as possible so you can just sit back and explore the poem as much or as little as you like and at your leisure.  


Here are the details:

I’ve picked a poem which you can link to here.  It comes with a short explanation by the poet. I picked it because it touched on so many aspects of the human experience: personal, social, political, ecological and spiritual.  It also chimes with the tone of the present moment.  I also picked it because there were aspects that I could personally resonate with strongly and aspects to which I was numb.  This combination gave me a strong urge to both share with others and learn from others.  


My warm invitation to you is to send me your reflections in whatever form moves you (word, music, art) through the contact form on this website (or an email address you can request through the form).  My guiding vision in curating the party will be to create flow from voice to voice to voice like wind chimes.

The Poetry Party pages will be password protected.  You will receive a password when you submit your comment.

Welcome, and thank you for coming!