View from East to West

Walmer Lane 1.png


The land to the East of the pool (far side in photo) is the sceptic field. So I was thinking that would be an ideal place for a wildflower meadow.  It is not generally a pleasant space.  It feels right on top of the next door neighbor and the few tree plantings at the fence do not offer privacy. We don't yet know the exact location of the sceptic system within that general area and the trees may have to come down if the roots are in danger of damaging the sceptic system. At the bottom of the hill is a woodlot with a creek.  On the other side of the neighbor, the land rises steeply to Rt. 9 which is a busy state road (quite a bit of noise from trucks). I would love to counter the noise of the road with a lush landscape that invites birds.

View from driveway facing South-East

Walmer 2.png

We're looking to completely re-do the landscaping in front of the house.  I'd be interested in exploring some permaculture designs. Also note that the entrance of the house (not visible here. it's on the other side of the brick piece that juts out) may move to a different location once we finalize architect's renovation drawings.  

Soil Test October 2020


Screen Shot 2020-11-12 at 9.49.53 PM.png
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